SeongHwan Yegabi Releases Scalp Care Products ‘JIYU Luxuriant’

2019-11-01 11:58 출처: SeongHwan Yegabi

JEJU--(뉴스와이어) 2019년 11월 01일 -- SeongHwan Yegabi Co., Ltd. (President SeongHwan Kang), a Korean cosmetic company, announced that it launched five scalp care products of the ‘JIYU Luxuriant’ series as an extension of its natural cosmetics brand YEGABI.

The five items form YEGABI’s first scalp care line. They are JIYU Luxuriant Shampoo, JIYU Luxuriant H1, JIYU Luxuriant H2, JIYU Luxuriant H3, and Scalp Ssuk Ssuk Mist. With the release of the products as momentum, YEGABI plans to expand its product family from moisturizers for sensitive skin to scalp care products.

‘JIYU Luxuriant Shampoo’ contains vegetable materials and protein. Plenty of lather cleanses the scalp softly. It also functions as a conditioner to soften stiff hair. Among its ingredients, gold and herb compounds strengthen the weakened scalp and hydrate it.

‘JIYU Luxuriant H1’ is a tonic essence to improve blood circulation in the scalp and keep the scalp healthy. The essence is made from soybean extracts fermented by Lactobacillus.

‘JIYU Luxuriant H2’ is an ampoule of highly enriched ingredients that soothe problem scalps. When applied over problem scalps, kaolin and other ingredients react to scalp conditions to produce the calming effect for a long time.

‘JIYU Luxuriant H3’ is an ampoule of exfoliator for the scalp. Natural BHA removes dead skin cells and hydrates the scalp.

‘Scalp Ssuk Ssuk Mist’ is a patented mist to prevent hair loss. Its two major ingredients, Jeju green barley and Jeju lava seawater, are excellent in stimulating hair growth and preventing hair loss.

“Scalp and hair care are indispensable to those people who have a sensitive scalp and lose more hair than usual,” a YEGABI official said, “If they take care of their scalps each day with five JIYU Luxuriant series products, they will feel the effects of great improvements in scalp and hair health.”

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